About Me

I am an artist, working in arylics, mixed media and oil and cold wax.
In the studio
Many years ago, while training to be teacher and studying geography I discovered a love of the landscape, how it evolved and how humans have impacted on it. I loved teaching art to seven year olds, When I left teaching I had two goals in mind. One was to learn how to paint like a grown up and the other was to research my family tree.

I started painting water colours, this led on to acrylics and now I am learning oil and cold wax techniques.

Researching my ancestry reignited my interest in local history and led to a course at Oxford University, The two interests combine into a deep connection for the landscape here in my native Lincolnshire, in the Derbyshire Peak District where I have spent many happy hours, Northumberland and Durham where I went to college, and indeed anywhere and everywhere I go.

My aim is to paint the landscape, my feeling of the place, its layers of history, human and geological.

I have recently exhibited at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln, the Carre Gallery in Sleaford, the Gallery at Saint Martins and the Stableyard at Doddington Hall. Several of my paintings are currently exhibited at the Alford Art Gallery and at the Derwent Gallery in Grindleford, Derbyshire.