Steal like an artist

"Bad artists copy, good artists steal" Picasso
Wolds Walk, Hagworthingham

A recent assignment in the "Find Your Joy" experience was to find artists we admire, think what it is about their paintings we love, and try to replicate that within a painting of our own. Not to copy the whole painting, just to bring elements of it into our own work. I have admired the work of Alice Sheridan for some while now. I love the way she uses colour and line in her abstracted landscapes. Joan Eardley's landscapes also drew me in. So I decide to use both in my assignment, basing my painting on a Wolds walk which I had done the week before. The patterns of the fields, the colours in the barley, all seems to say Alice Sheridan, and the foreground weeds say Joan Eardley. To me anyway.

Now I have painted an acrylic version on paper, an acrylic version on canvas, and an oil and cold wax version on cradle panel. The last two still need finishing touches. Watch this space!