Giving Art as a Gift

Giving Art as a Gift can be Difficult

Giving Art as a Gift can be Difficult
As we move into lockdown again many of us are faced with the prospect of Christmas shopping online. Is there someone in your life who has a special birthday, or someone you have no idea what to give for Christmas, or a wedding present you need to buy? Sometimes it seems like a piece of art would be an ideal gift, but it can be fraught with difficulty. What if they don't like your taste, or it is too big, or too small for the space? Or maybe you would like a painting but do not want to ask for the it as it may cost too much for your partner or friend or relation to buy?
A Gift Certificate is one way round this problem. I now have gift certificates available at different values, from £50.00 to £300 which can be exchanged as whole or part payment for a painting. The certificates are printed on quality paper, tied with a bow and can be sent directly to the recipient, or to the purchaser. Just send a message via the contact form for any special requests.
Alternatively, you can buy the painting outright, and I will always exchange it for an alternative, from either Birdscapesart or my sister website, Hawthorne Gallery.