Getting organised

Getting organised as a Connected Artist
Wensleydale Wandering

Last weekend I watched a short video: Alice Sheridan was telling us that we should complete a weekly planner to become more organised, focus our minds on the tasks in hand (which I have to say are becoming more numerous the more I dive into being a "connected artist "). I wrote in my art journal that it was probably too much like a school timetable, and that I had had enough of those to last a lifetime. That it probably wouldn't work for me and I would go off piste rather than getting the job done. But I printed a few off and filled one in for this week. I wrote that I would focus on finishing the two box canvasses that had been bugging me -see last weeks blog for one of them, and that I would change my homepage, fill in the new labels for the Love Lincolnshire shop and go for a walk on Thursday with hubby. And guess what? I have done all of those, AND added an additional information page to website, which was one of next weeks tasks. Job Done!
You will note that the painting now bears no resemblance to the safe harbour it was last week. Now it is a reminder of a walk in Wensleydale. Is it finished? Don't know yet. I hope so, but time will tell.