"You can't have too many reindeers"

"You can't have too many reindeers"

I was in a shop, looking at Christmas decorations when another customer entered and declared that she had room for another reindeer, and spent some time choosing one. "You cannot have too many reindeers!" she said. Which prompted me to buy a reindeer too. And a Father Christmas. And some lights.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with my art making process, but cheered me up after a week (or two) of being frustrated with technology and the so-called "Support". I was trying to add a "sign-up here" for a newsletter, which sounded easy enough, but the instructions didn't quite match the reality. The annoying thing about asking for Help via a Helpdesk, is that I usually have to ask for Help to understand their reply.

It is done now, and here's hoping someone, other than my best friend, signs up to receive news and special offers.

On the art front, I think I have finished 3 cradle panel works. Maybe. They are not quite ready for putting in the Gallery yet, but here is a preview. They are all Derbyshire Peak District views. Sort of. This one is temporarily entitled "Hope".