Christmas 2020

Christmas like no other

There is one thing for sure, Christmas this year will be, for many people, like no other Christmas. Plans have been scuppered, families unable to see each other, Christmas Day postponed, (turkeys reprieved? probably not!) it doesn't really matter to me when I celebrate Christmas. In fact, back in the 4th century, or whenever it was that the learned men of the time were deciding when we should celebrate Christmas, they only chose this day 25th December, because most cultures around the known world already had festivals of light around this time. So I am all ready for it, whenever it happens! Safely.

This has got nothing to do with painting, except I am in a blue phase. This painting, and two others have just started their journey. I know not where they are headed, it is for the paint to decide. I discovered nine different tubes of blue paint in the paint drawer, which prompted me to use them, so just messing about at the moment. Watch this space.