The Art of Watching Paint Dry

I am not Zen enough to master the Art of Watching Paint Dry
playing with oil and cold wax

Actually, I am not quite sure what that statement means exactly. If it means that I haven't got the patience to sit crossed legged on the floor and zone out then yes, am not Zen enough.(Not actually physically capable of sitting crossed legged on the floor either if that is a requirement.) And therein lies the problem. I have been working on small oil and cold wax pieces on paper, as well as some larger canvas pieces and generally making a bit of a mess of it. Oil paint takes a lot longer to dry than either watercolours or acrylics, days rather than minutes, which means I tend to make a muddy mess, layering colours one on top of the other before they are quite dry enough. Still, it is good fun in a messy, making mud pies kind of way, scraping back to see what is underneath, adding more layers on top. Here are four of the most successful to date. Not sure yet where they are going. All suggestions (positive ones only!) gratefully received. I can always be contacted through the website, or at if you would like further information. And please, do sign up for my newsletter.