Painting Blues

Painting Blues
Lincoln Cathedral from the Brayford

Remember those blue paintings I started back in December? Well, here is the second one almost completed. It turned out nothing like the ambitions I had for it. It is still blue, mostly, and I am quite pleased with the result, which all goes to show that we should let the road, or in the this case, the paint decide. If you missed my news letter on this subject, please sign up!

There is a lot going on right now. I have signed up to #the100dayproject which involves doing something for 100 days and posting the results on instagram. My project is to draw or paint the West Common in all its variety, in a sketch book. There are 2 main aims to this, one is to use sketch books, something I am not very good at, and the other is to improve drawing skills. See my IG page #the100dayprojectmargaretbird. At the same time, Louise Fletchers Art Tribe group are focusing on loose drawing skills, so that worked out well. Also signed up for a workshop (free!) Art2Life, starting next week.

See you soon!