When is a painting finished?

Is this painting finished?

I have been working on some more abstract landscape paintings in oil and cold wax, slightly bigger than my usual for this medium, being 40 x 40 cm on cradle panels. This orange one, slightly Turneresque (Who am I kidding?) came together quite quickly, but as always, the question of whether it is finished remains. It is at this point that I have to stop and look at it for a while, before I scrape away with the palette knife or add another layer which may ruin it entirely and take me back to the beginning. Curiously, the very act of taking a photo and posting in Art Tribe on Facebook, or on Instagram, immediately reveals parts that annoy me. When it doesn't annoy me any more, and I no longer feel the need to reach for the paint, then it will be finished. Then comes the hard part. What is it called?