Loose Ends

How many tea bags does it take to build a bathroom?
Autumn Moor

I have been feeling at a loose end, owing to the the fact that my studio is undergoing building work and all my painting materials are inaccessible for the most part. Two weeks down the line with no end in sight, not this month anyway. I am of course kept busy making endless cups of tea and coffee for the builders, so there is not a lot of time for feeling loose endish. I am sure it will all be worth it in the end. I shall enjoy filling my new cupboard space with paper, paint, mark making materials, collage bits, glue, books and everything else needed by an artist. I would like to say that I have been catching up with the boring stuff, like updating websites and Instagram, but I can't. The good news is that With Love from Lincolnshire re-opens next week, so I have been sorting out my stock of greetings cards. And my order of mounts for works on paper arrived, so I have managed to get some framed, and organised for my exhibition at the Gallery@St. Martins (watch this space!)
Just going back to my last blog about when a painting is finished, it turns out that the one I was talking about, wasn't. It has changed somewhat. Here is the updated version.