I love Turquoise
Out of the Blue
A quick glance at my wardrobe, or the colours I have chosen for my new studio, would be enough to tell you that I love turquoise, any shade from deepest teal to the colour of a sunlit Mediterranean sea. So it was inevitable that a tube of turquoise oil paint would find its way into my repertoire. I set out with the intention of exploring turquoise on paper, and made some very tiny paintings, which I loved, but wanted to enlarge. Three cradled panels and five, (or is it six?) larger pieces on paper later and I have finished. Thats about sixteen in total! Some of the very small ones have been turned into greetings cards. All of those on paper will be launched tomorrow (17th May) in our exhibition in the Gallery at Saint Martins in Lincoln. The cradled panel ones are not dry enough yet and will be launched on the website when the exhibition is over. Here is one of those on paper, just to whet your appetite . Don't forget to sign up to the newsletter to get a discount!