Paint to Express, not to Impress

"Paint to Express, not to Impress" Flora Bowley
Assignment 3 in Louise Fletcher's Find Your Joy course was to paint your feelings about something. This happened to coincide with the announcement that lockdown was to end on 19th July and rules which we have been living with for the last eighteen months. Feelings about this are mixed , worrying for some people and a relief for others. Maybe we will be able to dance again soon? Which got me thinking about the feeling of dancing, specifically West Coast Swing. How does this make me feel? Exubriant when you get it right! Dancing WCS is a partnership, there is a leader and a follower who react to each other and to the music. There is more room for expression than in some other forms of partner led dance. The best dance has light nd shade, busy and quiet, loud and soft, contrast in steps and shapes, fast and slow. A bit like a good painting in other words! It starts off a little tentatively, then the canvas and the paint start to interact, the painting goes where it needs to go and the painter responds. The dancers respond to each other and the music carries you along.
There is one thing for sure, this painting, painted to express not to impress, will not be winning any prizes! And will I be returning to dancing? Not yet, I will just think about it.