August News

Alford Arts and Creative Lincs
So many good things have happened this summer. Here we are in the dog days of August (I have never quite understood why the las days of summer are called dog days. Maybe I will look it up!) Back towards the end of April I was contacted by a couple of fellow Lincolnshire Artists who were thinking of forming an informal group of local artists of any genre who wanted to get together to create or just hang out and exchange ideas. We met for a coffee and within a few minutes had a name for a group, Creative Lincs and thereafter a facebook page, an instagram page and then things really started to happen. Gallery space was booked and then a village hall for an art fair. The group began to grow so an e-mailing list was created. Because of this I heard about a new gallery in Alford which was asking for artists to submit work for consideration. I duly submitted and was successful. The gallery opened on Monday and has about ten of my paintings on display. Meanwhile Creative Lincs is still growing and open for all Lincolnshire artists