In Support of Allotments and their owners.

Spring into Action!
Here Comes the Sun
It has been a while since I wrote anything on the Blog page, no excuses to offer! In my defence I have been busy preparing for exhibitions, one, in the Sam Scorer Gallery Lincoln has just finished, and another is about to start in the Alford Arts Gallery, this runs thought May. Then the Marsh Chapel Festival takes place over the Jubilee weekend. I have never been but it sounds like a fun event with music and dancing and beer!. The art exhibition is held in the Church, I will have 5 or 6 paintings. Then there are two open exhibitions to apply for and the Creative Lincs "Vivid" celebration in July.
The painting here is one of a number of new oil and cold wax pieces, I called it "Here Comes the Sun" because it reminded me of the sun breaking through the clouds over the hills.

My journey into abstraction continues. I am currently working on a series depicting "Allotments". Our residents association thought would be a good idea to build on some allotments which are currently used by many people. They were wrong of course, it is not a good idea to build on an something that has been lovingly worked for 20 or more years. The allotment owners were rightly upset by the suggestion and held an open day, so that the locals could see what is involved. It is surprising how different in character the allotments are, from one which was more like a lawn and patio with BBQ to those which are more like a fully fledged field of vegetables. Some are immaculately laid out rectangles and some are more random beds within a tangle of overgrown shrubs. There are beautifully painted sheds with verandas and pots of tulips and sheds made of random sheets of corrugated tin and old bits of wood, overgrown with creepers. I think the Long Leys Road Residents Association needs to have another think! Watch this space, I have the beginnings of four paintings celebrating Allotments in all their wonderful variety in progress. A bit like working an allotment, it takes time!