About me

Many years ago, while training to be a teacher and studying geography, I discovered a love of the landscape, how it developed and evolved and how humans have impacted on it and have influenced its development.

While teaching young children I found that teaching art was one of my favourite things. I had always been interested in art, my father was always drawing and took up oil painting when he retired. We had regular visits to the local art gallery throughout my childhood, and i would read his "Discovering Art" magazines.

When I retired I started to learn to paint like a grown up and research my family history. I also did a Diploma in Local History at Oxford University. All of these elements combine to result in a deep connection to the landscape here in my native Lincolnshire, in the hills of Derbyshire where I have spent a lot of time, and indeed, everywhere I go.

My aim is to paint the landscape, more the feeling of a place than an accurate representation, its layers of history, geological and human.


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